Here's How


Welcome to Engineered Software's Here's How area. These pages are being created in order to help PowerCADD users make the most of the tools and functions in their software, as well as to provide a method for users to give feedback, hints and tips.

The end result we hope to achieve will be a central place where PowerCADD users can share useful information on different aspects of the program.



Tool Palette description

Why are there two dots in some PowerCADD tool icons and Menu items?

Greeking, what does it mean?

How to assign a function to a command key so the associated dialog box will open when the command key is pressed?

Setting multiple monitors and palettes

Changing old text (PowerCADD 4) to 2000 Text

How to begin with Reference files

What is Symbol Data?

Two new snaps



Fundamentals of the Gradient Tool

The Heal/Join tool

How to control the incremental Parallel Offset

How to change the size of the cells when using the Table Tool

How does the Fence Cut tool work?


Drawing Techniques

How to Pan without reselecting tools

How to start drawing an object offset from a snap point

How to go back to the previous tool used without selecting it with the mouse


Working on Your Drawing

Layer / Sheets rules

How to move a selection by line

How to move objects in my drawing preset distances

When doing a "Cut with line" how do I separate the objects that were cut?

How to handle multi-unit entries

How to change the units in selected dimensions lines in a drawing

Here how to quickly create a mask

How to Zero the Show Location Window without deselecting the currently selected tool

How to Find Layer

How to align objects to each other or centers an object inside another object

How to use Paste Special at scale

How to put guidelines behind objects in a drawing

How to make Guidelines parallel to an existing surface

How to edit the numeric value in dimension text

How to use the Text Convert Outlines

New feature in PowerCADD 2000 version 5.0.11, automatic feet units


File Translation

How to import DWG files suggestions

How to set incoming DWG settings



How to print selection

Laser printing to service bureau


We will be adding Here's How sections on a regular basis in this area. Please watch this area for future additions.

If there is an area of PowerCADD that you would like to see explained in Here's How, please send an email to Technical Support with a description of the feature or tool that might require some deeper explanation.

Please be sure to include your email address if available and your daytime telephone number in case we may desire some clarification about your request.